Hightouch 40m iconiq 450msawersventurebeat

hightouch 40m iconiq 450msawersventurebeat

Hightouch, a platform for data integration, has secured from the series B approximately $40 million in a round of investment, which venture capitalist Iconiq Growth headed. Iconiq Growth’s portfolio of business startups includes Datadog, Zoom, GitLab and Snowflake. hightouch 40m iconiq 450msawersventurebeat.

Firms are drowning in a sea of data; on average, they use 288 distinct SaaS programmes, each of which may act as a separate data silo. So because of this, a plethora of new technologies and tools have been developed to assist in fusing various data pools in order to provide insightful information. hightouch 40m series growth 450msawersventurebeat.

Currently, there is a greater demand for a central location to aggregate marketing, sales, and product data from various systems in order to obtain the legendary 360-degree views of a client since businesses use so many different SaaS products. The only location where it is achievable is the data warehouse. hightouch 40m growth 450msawersventurebeat.

The “extract, transform, and load” (ETL) of data from sources (such as databases or SaaS apps) and into data warehouses is made possible by data ingestion solutions like Fivetran, a business that recently secured $565 million. This enables, for example, the sales team, which employs several SaaS apps from product analytics, customer support, marketing, and CRM solutions, to combine their data.

Hightouch performs the exact opposite of this, assisting businesses with “reverse ETL,” or moving data from a warehouse into the application. Census, a well-known player in the market, recently concluded a sixteen-million-dollar investment. hightouch series growth 450msawersventurebeat.

In reverse ETL, data is effectively “copied and pasted” between tables. Therefore, a corporation would utilise an ETL tool like Fivetran for moving this data into the warehouse while getting that data into Salesforce with the help of Hightouch to determine how much help individual customers are asking through Zendesk.