LinearB secures $16M in Series A Funding Led By Battery Ventures

linearb 16m series battery ventures

The team behind Software Delivery Intelligence has secured $16 million in a series A funding led by Battery Ventures. Along with the existing investors, Ariel Maislos and 83 North, and a new investor TechAviv Founder Partners the fund have reached $21 million.

LinearB was launched in 2019 and has brought about a revolutionary approach to conventional software development project management. Software Delivery Intelligence greatly assists dev teams that enhance delivery by correlating development data from projects, code and Git and offers optimum context, workflow and visibility for all team members.

The software development process has been heavily ruled by data, the only exception being creating code and writing, which the developers are trying hard to work on.

As per the reports, in the last six months, more than 1,100 development teams have adopted LinearB, which reflects an uprising demand for Software Delivery Intelligence. Traditional tools for project management are good for executives but assign more work to the developers.

On the other hand, the Software Delivery Intelligence proves helpful to every member by securing the following:

Flow Of The Work:

Developers no longer need to engage in manual tasks as configurable policies, commands and alerts. Software Delivery Intelligence helps them to eliminate them and make use of their effort in some other works.

This also helps them be time efficient, perform all their duties with utmost responsibility, and deliver them before the stipulated time. It also helps them deliver personal insights at the correct time and further helps them to enforce team guardrails. Therefore they can now remain stress-free.


Dev team leads can view real-time project updates accurately, predict delays in delivery and indulge in effective meaning based on facts. This has proved beneficial in securing the utmost customer satisfaction and reducing the RTO rate. Additionally, COD conversion rates can also be escalated, costing the e-commerce business extra profits.


An alignment between the business strategies and works of the engineers, the condition of the team’s health, and the detection of bottlenecks falls under the supervision of Software Delivery Intelligence. It also assists the CTOs and VPs of Engineering to understand and acknowledge the quality and efficiency thoroughly.

All these relieve the developer that offers them to dedicate more time to building and improving the team along with stricter alignment to the priorities of business that would accelerate delivery. Teams using LinearB have benefited with an average improvement of their time-to-value by 48% after 90 days.

The main factor that has made fast-paced growth on the part of LinearB is the company’s focus on giving way to new thinking and community. It helped ambitious and progressive developers indulge in open discussions and shared experiences, thereby building culture with the help of Software Delivery Intelligence.

The dev engineers have claimed that they found LinearB excessively helpful in analyzing and fixing problems and getting strong control of their engineering lifecycle like never before. This calls for further development in areas that have not received much attention lately that will create a revolutionary touchstone.